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Parent Information Evening 

Do you recognise any of these behaviours in your child?

Does your child seem to fall apart as soon as you collect them from school?

Do they find sitting still for more than 5 minutes impossible?​

Do they struggle with certain fabrics, labels or wearing socks?​

Are they a picky eater?​

Have you notice sensitivity to noise?

Eating Ice Cream
Casual Meeting


Parent information session 

 This work shop aims to support your understanding   of the sensory systems with a view to support you to   respond to and nurture both yours and your child’s   sensory needs more effectively.


Come and enjoy a glass of wine and join an     interactive discussion with an advanced practitioner   in Sensory Integration and Educational Psychologist   to start to explore sensory processing and what this   means for you and your family. 


Duration: 2 hours 

Date: 3rd October (also repeated on October 17th)

Time: 7:45pm

Location: 113 High Street Berkhamsted HP4 2DJ


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