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Child at Psychologist


Personalised, High Quality, Tailored Support

Led by Dr Pippa Busch, The Child Psychologist, has a track record of delivering high-impact, personalised and effective strategies to help young children, families and teachers thrive.​

Autism Therapy

Available Now

ASD Assessments

We have a multi-disciplinary team who conduct ASD assessments using the 'Gold Standard' of assessment tools which meets all NICE guidelines and provides a recognised medical diagnosis.

We hold monthly clinics and currently have availability over the summer.

Coffee Morning

9:30am 31st July

Stacking Blocks


"Dr Busch really took the time to listen to our concerns. She developed great rapport with our child and her advice was invaluable to us"

- Parent

"One of the most knowledgable people in her field. Really helped us develop  school policy and our own individual practice"


"Our delegates absolutely loved your keynote talk. Many said it was one of the very best they have ever heard! Thank you so much!"

- Conference Organiser


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Terms of service at The Child Psych


By attending an appointment it is acknowledged that you agree to the terms and conditions as stated. 

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